Chevy Volt with 93.1 lifetime MPG

Chevy Volt with 93.1 lifetime MPG

Gas in Atlanta is nearing $4.00 per gallon. In California and up north in Canada, gas is well above that. I got my Chevy Volt in mid-December and am closing in on 100 MPG lifetime fuel economy.

The car had about 900 miles on it when I bought it. The dealer used it for test drives and took it to car shows. Most of the driving was on gas instead of electric. Since I bought the car I’ve averaged above 100MPG. It can go nearly 40 miles on a charge before the gas engine automatically kicks in.

Now that I’ve found a parking lot near the airport with a regular electric plug, I rarely use gas at all. We did go to the mountains last weekend and averaged 50MPG on the way up there. We drove on gas most of the way.

On the way back we got an extra 20 miles of charge from regenerated charge coming down the mountain. The performance on both gas and electric was surprisingly good in the mountains. Because the battery is always driving the wheels, the Volt is super torque-y and as usual drove like 3 series BMW.

My lifetime MPG is lower because of the nearly 1,000 miles of gas driving at the dealership. Hopefully soon I’ll have the lifetime MPG above 100MPG or even at the 250 maximum.

That is, until I drive across the country.